Jeep Rental Questions

Below are commonly asked questions about our convertible Jeep rentals in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. We address questions about insurance, rental age, delivery options, and more!

Q: Can I rent a Jeep and drop it off in Key West? No. We do not do one way rentals to Key West. Our Jeeps must be returned to Miami or Fort Lauderdale.

Q: Can I rent a Jeep for one day? No. We have a minimum rental period of four days.

Q: Can I rent a Jeep if I am below 25 years old? We have a minimum rental age of 21, but all renters below the age of 25 must answer specific questions about their driving record before being approved.

Q: Do you deliver Jeeps to airports, Cruise Ship terminals, and hotels? Yes. We will deliver our Jeeps anywhere in Miami or Fort lauderdale.

Q: Can we drop the Jeep off at the Miami or Fort Lauderdale airport when we are finished with the Jeep? Yes! You can actually valet the Jeep at the MIA airport departure area and you can drop the Jeep at the short term parking garage at the Fort Lauderdale airport. We make the drop off so easy and convenient you will find yourself wishing you could deal with us everywhere you go!

Q: Is it easy to put the convertible top down? Yes. We teach you how to take it down! One person can take the convertible top down in less than two minutes and two people can do it in about one minute! Most of the time, we encourage folks to let their kids do it for them lol.

Q: If I am from another country, do I need an International Drivers license to rent a Jeep? No. If you have a valid drivers license from your home country, you do not need an International Drivers license.

Q: Can I get a discount on a tour if I rent a Jeep? Yes! We discount our tours for folks that rent Jeeps from us.

Q: Are all of your Jeeps soft top convertibles? Yes. The only vehicle we rent is a 4 door convertible Jeep Wrangler.

Q: Do I pay for the rental when I reserve a Jeep? No. You only pay the Deposit to reserve a Jeep. The rental amount is paid for when you take delivery of the Jeep.

Q: Do I need my own automobile insurance to rent a Jeep? No. Our Jeeps carry their own insurance that meet Florida State minimum insurance requirements (10/20/10). If you do have insurance that covers you in a rental car, your insurance is primary and the Jeeps insurance is secondary. In other words, your insurance kicks in first, and if it is exhausted, the Jeeps insurance is next in line. Please see below for a more thorough explanation of the insurance that comes with the Jeep:

The numbers 10/20/10 represent the monetary limits on the Jeeps liability coverage.
· The first number, 10, stands for $10,000. This is your maximum coverage for bodily injury liability for one person injured in one accident or incident.
· The second number, 20, stands for $20,000. This is your maximum coverage for bodily injury liability for all persons injured in one accident.
· The third number, 10, stands for $10,000. This is your maximum coverage for property damage liability in an accident that you caused.

The first two numbers represent the highest monetary amount that the Jeeps insurance company will pay if someone is injured. For example, if you injure one driver in an accident that is deemed your fault, the insurance company will pay up to $10,000 for that person’s medical bills. If the bills come out to $12,000, for example, you will be required to pay an extra $2,000 out of pocket. If you’re at fault in an accident where there are four people hurt, the most any one person can get for their medical bills is $10,000. So all four in total would have to split the $20,000 top limit. If one person was severely injured, then that individual’s medical expenses could easily exceed your per person limit of $10,000 for bodily injury liability — meaning you’d be responsible for the excess medical bills your insurance didn’t pay. With one party already receiving $10,000 in this example, it means the other three’s medical bills would be paid out of the remaining $10,000 left on your bodily injury coverage. If the total of their medical expenses exceeded your limit as well, then they also could come after you personally for this money.

It is important to note that if you are worried about having more coverage and you do not have your own insurance that covers you in our rental vehicle, there are inexpensive travel insurance plans available for rental car insurance.

We also sell CDW for only $15 per day. CDW is not insurance, but it does limit the amount of physical damage to the Jeep you are responsible for to $1000.