Bypass the complications of the airport car rental companies…

Every time I was in either Fort Lauderdale or Miami, the cars I reserved through the major companies were all gone, broken, long lines, roaming through garages, etc. I was tired of it and looked for an outside, independent company. I found Tons of Fun and I will never rent from the big names in those areas again.

My arrangements with Flynt (owner) went exactly as he described from first phone call to the return of the 2014 jeep. They met me right outside baggage claim at Miami airport, went to their nearby office, signed the paperwork, learned to take the top off and I was on my way to South Beach in my totally open 2014 jeep. As I was doing some diving, I had some extra bags, and the jeep was more than able to accommodate everything. It was in new condition.

I was in Miami for a couple days then drove to Key West for a few more days and then back to MIA. The jeep was fun to drive, people always waving (especially other jeep owners), great for catching a tan while driving and cruising Duval in Key West. Perfect vehicle for my trip.

Most important thing is what I mentioned at the top. NO HASSLES at all renting and returning this jeep. 100 times better than any rental car company in the airport. If a convertible jeep is a good vehicle choice for you, Tons of Fun is the only way to go!

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