Adventures with Stella!!!!! and the silver fox 🙂

Through detailed and patient correspondence with Mitch, Conceirge at Ritz Coconut Grove, a custom private Jeep tour was arranged. It was fantastic being able to identify what would be of interest to us (historical and cultural features). Stella was wonderfully personable and very knowledgeable and our driver Jason, aka ‘sliver fox’, was able to add to the banter of interesting facts and a good dose of humor. We were interested in seeing Little Havana and seeing a shop where they still hand rolled cigars.

Quickly into our tour we felt so at ease with Stella and Jason that it felt more like getting a personal tour from friends. A world of difference from a ‘cattle’ styled bus tour.

I’d definitely would book this company again to delve into more of the history of Miami and most certainly would request (nay, demand) the dynamic duo of Stella and Jason.

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