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Private Everglades Tour (5-6 Hours)

Let us take you on an Everglades Adventure! This tour includes both a Jeep excursion through Big Cypress National Preserve and a private one hour airboat ride. We are the only company that offers a truly comprehensive tour of the Everglades and our guides are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable. Let us show you the incredible wildlife, vegetation, and unique geology that is only found in the Florida Everglades. This tour is great for all ages!

Detailed Tour Description

Our professional guides pick you up at your location and head West on the Tamiami Trail, the first man-made road through the Everglades. As we pass by endless Sawgrass prairies dotted with hardwood hammocks, you will learn about the history of Florida and the Glades, beginning three hundred million years ago. Your guide will describe the limestone geology and unique thunderstorm driven hydrology of the region and explain why the Everglades is one of only two wetlands world wide to be named a World Heritage Site, a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance and an International Biosphere Reserve. You will see and learn about seven distinct Everglades ecosystems, all of which are connected by fresh water and wholly dependent on one another for survival. We take you into Big Cypress National Preserve where you will learn about Cypress Swamps and Rock Pine forests and see the transition from one ecosystem to another.

We then take you off the beaten path where the ancient history of Big Cypress is told in a fun and compelling way. We tell you about the Native People who lived here 3000 years ago and about the Miccosukee Indians and Gladesmen who make The Everglades their home today. While the story unfolds you are likely to see Gators, Wood Storks, Ospreys, White Tailed Deer, Fox Squirrel, Hawks, Egrets, Great Blue Herons and countless other animals…..all in the wild as they should be seen.

We also show you the famous Sweetwater Strand, one of the most photographed locations in the entire Florida Everglades. This is a chance for you to really experience the deep solitude and isolation the Everglades offers.

The next segment of our tour is a captivating one hour-long private airboat ride through the Sawgrass Marshes with a seasoned boat Captain. This airboat ride is unique in that it makes two stops: the last Hardwood Hammock or “Tree Island” the Miccosukee Indians inhabited, right up until 1975, and a smaller island with rudimentary structures used to rehabilitate injured Everglades’ animals before releasing them back into the wild.

On our trip back to Miami, we wrap up our Everglades Adventure by talking about the current efforts to save and protect the Everglades,home to over 36 endangered and threatened species AND how we can protect South Florida’s most important source of freshwater.

If you like adventure and are looking for an in depth Everglades experience, you need to book this tour.  Let us show you just how amazing the Everglades really are.

Children above 1 year old are welcome! Child rates available.